House-ah Bill pahnih lungrual taka pass a ni

Nimin Assembly session-ah Bill pahnih te chu lungrual taka pawm a ni. Nimin-a Assembly inkhawm ah hian Higher & Technical Education Minister, Dr. R. Lalthangliana chuan 'The Mizoram State Higher Education Council (Amendment) Bill, 2021' pulutin AH&Vety Minister, Dr. K. Beichhua chuan 'The Mizoram Licensing and Regulation of Private Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics Bill, 2021' a pulut thung a. Heng Bill pahnihte hi Member-ten an sawiho hnuah pawm ve ve a ni. Nimin-a Assembly Session-ah hian Paper pasarih pharh (lay) a nih bakah, Report pathum pharh (present) a ni bawk.


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