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Serchhip-a neih SSU General Assembly vawi 36-na EF&CC Minister leh bialtu MLA in an hmanpui

Students' Self-Support Union (SSU) General Assembly vawi 36-na Serchhip Auditorium a neih chu nimin khan EF&CC Minister TJ. Lalnuntluanga chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui a, Serchhip Bialtu MLA Lalduhoma chuan khualzahawm nia hmanpui bawkin nizan khan he Assembly hi a tiak a ni.

Mizoram in Award 2 dawng

India Today Group in State of the State's Survey nei-a Category hrang hranga India state te lawmman a pek thin chu kumin atan Zirtawpni khan sem a ni leh ta a, he lawmman semna New Delhi-a neih ah hian Mizoram chuan 'Best Performing Small State in inclusive Development and Environment' leh 'Most improved Small State in Economy, Health and Tourism' lawmman a dawng a. Mizoram aiawhin he Award hi Ajay Chaudhry, IPS, New Delhi Resident Commissioner chuan a dawng a ni.


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