Nikum-ah lirthei 25,391 ziahluh thar a ni

COVID-19 hripui lengin Mizoram-ah lirthei punna a nghawng lo a, nikum chhung khan Mizoram sawrkar (Transport Department)-ah lirthei ziahluh thar 25,391 awmin, kum hmasa lam aiin lirthei ziahluh thar a tam a ni.

Transport Department atanga thudawn danin, nikum chhunga lirthei ziah luh thar 25,391 zinga 17,323 (68.22%) chu Aizawl District-a ziahluh a ni a, chung zinga 11,860 (68.46%) chu Two Wheeler a ni. Nikum chhunga lirthei ziahluh zingah Two Wheeler tam berin, 16,817 (66.23%) ziahluh a awm a, Car 3,574, Goods Carrier 2,435 te pawh a tam zual niin, Commercial Vehicle (Two Wheeler) 1,654 ziah luh thar a awm bawk.

Nikuma lirthei ziahluh thar hi kum hmasa 2020 aiin a tam zawk a, kum 2020 khan lirthei 23,520 ziahluh thar awmin, nikum aia a tlemna chu 1,871 a tling a. Kum 2020 khan thla khatah lirthei 1,960 ziahluh thar awm ang a nih laiin, kum 2021-ah chuan khatah lirthei 2,115 ang vel ziahluh thar awm ang a ni.

Transport Department chhinchhiah danin, kum 2014-15-a Mizorama lirthei awm zat chu 1,51,485 a ni a, hemi kum hian nitin lirthei 39 awm thar anga ngaih a ni. Hetihlai hian tun dinhmunah chuan 2,50,000 dawn a awm tawh a, nitin lirthei 70 awm thar ang vel a ni tawh. 


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