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Mizoram CEO leh Department of Post in MoU ziak

Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) leh Election Notice-te Speed Post hmanga rang taka thawnchhuah a nih theih nan Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram leh Department of Posts (DoP), Mizoram te chuan nimin khan thawhhona thuthlung an ziak.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) hi CEO Mizoram Office Chamber, MINECO-ah P. Jawahar IAS, Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram leh Post Master General, Mizoram aiawhin KT. Sailo, Superintendent of Posts ten an ziak a. He thawhhona turah hian Election Commission of India-in a rawn angin Department of Posts pawmpuina ngeia duan Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) te chu Post Master General (PMG), Mizoram leh Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram ten EPIC leh Notice-te Speed Post hmanga an thawnchhuahna ah an zawm ve ve tur a ni ang.

He MoU hnuaiah hian Post Master General chuan Speed Post Services hmanga EPIC leh Notice-te him leh rang taka Booking, Transmission leh Door Delivery tih a nih theih nan ruahmanna a siam ang a. EPIC leh Notice zawng zawng te chu Rs. 25/- chawiin Speed Post-ah thawn a ni ang a, heng atan hian a bik taka 'barcode' siam leh hman a ni bawk ang. He MoU hi ziah a nih, Oct. 12, 2021 atang hmang tanin kum 5 chhung a huam ang a; thuthlung ziaktute remtihna leh a tul angin pawhsei theih a ni bawk ang.


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