Chief Minister in House-ah pharh

Nimin-a Mizoram Legislative Assembly thutkhawm neih ah Finance changtu Chief Minister Zoramthanga chuan 'Report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India Finance Accounts, 2019-2020 Volume I, Volume II and Appropriation Accounts 2019-2020' chu a pharh a. Taxation Minister Lalchamliana chu a awmloh avangin a aiawhin Chief Minister hian 'The Notifications issued under Mizoram Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 (wef. 3.3.2021 - 9.7.2021)' leh 'The Mizoram Private Placement Agencies (Regulation), Rules, 2017' pawh a pharh a. Taxation Minister a awm loh avang hian 'The Mizoram Goods and Services Tax Act (Amendment) Bill 2021' pawh Chief Minister hian pharh bawkin, hei hi member ten an sawiho hnuah lungrual takin House chuan a pawm a ni.


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