Taxi leh Bus rate sawiho

Nimin khan Serchhip-a District Transport Officer (DTO) Office-ah DTO, Lalrinsanga hovin Serchhip District Consumers Association, Ser-chhip Taxi Owner Association leh Town Bus Owner Association te chuan Taxi leh Town Bus rate chungchang an sawihona an nei.
Nimin a Taxi leh Town Bus rate chungchang sawihonaah hian Serchhip Taxi Owner Association leh Serchhip Town Bus Owner Association ten rate an lo siamsa chu ennawn a ni a, siam\hat ngai te siam \hat anih hnuah State Transport Authority (STA) pawm turin Aizawl-ah thawn a ni ang. Serchhip District Consumers Association te hian Serchhip-a Auto Rickshaw leh Truck Owner Association te pawh hetiang a rate mumal nei tur hian an lo sawipui tawh a. Heti hian hetiang rate hrang hrang an siam te hi Consumer lam hotute chuan STA in a pawmpui hnuah mipui a duh apiang te en theih tura tarchhuah an tum tih an sawi.

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