Thawhhona tur ziakfel

Election Department, Mizoram leh Common Service Centre te (CSC) chuan mipui ten awlsam zawka Election Commission of India service an hman theih na turin nimin khan thawhhona thuthlung (Memorandum of Understanding) an ziak.
Election Commission of India service hrang hrang a pek – Electoral Roll-a luh dilna te, hming paih dilna te, transfer leh Electoral Roll a siam\hat ngai lai siam\hat dilna te chu khawtin a Common Service Center (CSC) kaltlangin a dil theih tawh dawn a ni. CSC te hi September ni 1, 2019 a \an tur Elector Verification Programme-ah hman \an an ni dawn a, kumin kum tawp lama Special Summary Revision of Electoral Roll neih turah hman an ni bawk ang. Dilna hrang hrang te phalna lo pek dan erawh tih danglam a ni lo. MoU hi Election Department aiawhin Malsawm-zuala, Asst CEO in a sign a, Common Service Center aiawhin Lalduhkima, State Project Manager, CSC in a sign a ni.


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