Thlai thar lei dan tur sawiho

Agriculture Minister PC. Vanlalruata hovin nimin khan Agriculture Department Conference Hall-ah Agricultural Market Assurance Fund Management Board (AMAFMB) thutkhawm neih a ni a, he hunah hian AMAFMB Chairman PC. Vanlalruata chuan kalkhawm te chu Farmers te chawikan theihna tura theihtawp chhuah turin a sawm a. AMAFMB Co-Chairman Dr. KC. Lalmalsawmzauva Adviser to Chief Minister (Hand-holding Policy) chuan thlai thar lei leh hralh chungchanga hriattur pawimawh leh hmalakna pawimawh tak tak te a sawi bawk. He hunah hian Agriculture Department Secretary Dr H Lianzela leh Director of Agriculture Vanlalthlamuana te bakah Entrepreneur – Buyers & Sellers member-te an tel a ni.


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