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Draft Roll tarchhuak dawn

Mizoram State Election Commission thupek leh The Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014 in a sawi angin Baktawng Village Council-a Reserved Seat atana bye-election neih tur atana Electoral Roll siam hna chu January ni 1, 2022 tehfunga hmangin neih a ni dawn a, Vawiin July ni 25, 2022 hian Draft Roll tarchhuah a ni ang. Draft Roll hi Electoral Reistration Officer (ERO) 27- Tuikum (ST) AC leh Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO), 27- Tuikum (ST) AC leh Village Level Officer (VLO) leh DC Office-ah te en theih a ni ang. Draft Roll atanga inpaih, inthunthar leh siam that tur neite chuan July ni 31, 2022 ral hmain Village Level Officer ah diln thehluh theih a ni ang.


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