Council of Minister thukhawm in rawtna pawm

Chief Minister Zoramthanga hova niminpiah-a Council of Minister thutkhawm ah rawtna lut hrang hrangte chu pawm a ni.

CM Cabinet Meeting Room-a thutkhawm neih ah hian H&FW Department in Pharmacist (Level-6) post 6 surrender-a District Pharmacy Officer (Level-10 of the Pay Matrix) post 3 siam tura rawtna an thlen chu pawmin Home Department atanga Policy for payment of compensation to Prisoners reg. siam tura rawtna an thlen leh Draft Mizoram Medico Legal Manual, 2023 chu pawm a ni a. GAD atanga lut Ainawn Veng (Govt. Complex ni thin) a Government Residential Quarters/Buildings (Type L,II, IIl & IV) thiah leh Khawlailung-a AH & Vety Department ram (Land Lease Certificate No. 54 of 1991) chu Jeepable road zauhna tur atana pek te chu pawm a ni bawk.

DP&AR atanga Restructuring of Mizoram Health Services and Grievances of the Mizoram Government Doctors' Association lut chu a then pawm niin Agriculture Department in Policy for Promotion of Collective Farming in Mizoram an thlen pawh pawm a ni a. LESDE atanga lut Proposal for the draft Code on Industrial Relations (Mizoram) Rules, 2023 leh Proposal for The Mizoram Shops & Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) (Amendment) Bill, 2023 te chu pawmin UD&PA Department atanga The Draft Plastic Waste Management Bye-Laws, 2023 lut chu pawm a ni bawk.

PHE Department atanga Proposal for The Draft Mizoram Water Supplies (Control) Rules, 2023 to repeal the Mizoram Water Supplies (Control) Rules, 2006 with its subsequent amendments; Proposal for Amendment of The Mizoram PHE Enlistment of Contractors Rules, 2018 leh The draft Mizoram Ground Water (Control and Regulation) Ordinance, 2023 te pawh pawmin, law & Judicial atanga lut Proposal for Amendment of Section 13, 14(1)(2) of the Mizoram Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2007 chu pawm a ni a. School Education Department atanga lut Draft Mizo Language Development board (Terms & Conditions for appointment of Chairman, Secretary and Members) Rules, 2023 chu pawm a ni bawk.

Heng bakah hian Proposal of revision of the existing Minimum Wages Rates in Mizoram chu pawmin Mizoram State sawrkar hnuaia Resource Mobilization Department siam tura GAD atanga rawtna lut bakah Revocation of declaration of Brigade Phase-1 Area as special purposes and for public use and issue of passes to the occupants within the said area te pawm a ni bawk.


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