Chief Minister hovin Council of Ministers thutkhawm neih a ni

Nimin khan Chief Minister Zoramthanga hovin Council of Minister thutkhawm chu CM Office Cabinet Meeting Room-ah neih a ni.

Nimin-a Council of Minister thutkhawm neih ah hian sawrkar Department hrang hrang atanga thu pawimawh thlente ngaihtuah a ni a. Home Department hnuaia Border Management Cell siam leh, a tul anga post siam rawtna lut chu a thuphunga pawm a ni a. Constable 118 chu Honorary Promotion a Head Constable a kaisan tura rawtna lut chu pawm a ni bawk a. P&E Department in Mizoram Energy Conservation Building Code Rules, 2022 rawtna an thehluh pawh pawm a ni bawk. Sinlung Hills Council chungchang rawtna hrang hrang - The members of the Sinlung Hills Council (Disqualification on Ground of Defection) Rules, 2022 te, The Sinlung Hills Council (Amendment) Bill, 2022 leh The Mizoram (Election to Sinlung Hills Council) (Amendment) Rules, 2022 chu Council of Minister thukhawm hian an pawm bawk a ni.

Heng bakah hian Mizoram Code on Wages Rules, 2022 atana LESDE in Draft Proposal an chhawp te, Art & Culture Department in Mizoram Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Bill, 2022 siamthatna (amendment) tur an chhawp te, Law & Judicial Department atanga Commerce & Industries ram leh buiding chu Lunglei District Court Building sakna leh zauhna atana pek rawtna leh Land Revenue & Settlement Department atanga The Indian Stamp (Mizoram Amendment) Bill, 2022 lut te chu pawm an ni bawk.

UD&PA in Mizoram Municipalties (Facilities to Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors) Rules, 2018 siamtha (amend) tura rawtna an siam pawh Council of Minister Meeting hian pawmin, The draft Mizoram Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Rules, 2022 leh Proposal for transfer of functions to Lunglei Municipal Council te chu pawm a ni a. Kum June ni 10, 2019-a Council of Minister thukhawm in Champhai CHANEM building Law & Judicial Department kuta a lo dah tawh sut tura rawtna siam chu a thuphunga pawm a ni bawk.

Nimin-a Council of Minister thukhawm hian tunhnaia Bang-ladesh atanga sahimna zawnga Mizoram-a rawn raltlan, Parva a awm mekte chu an lainat thu sawiin, an theih ang anga lo tuamhlawm zui zel ni se an ti bawk a ni.


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