Roll-a inthun hun siam belh

Election Commission of India(ECI) chuan Vote nei tura qualifying date, kum khat chhunga vawi khat chiah siam thin chu Vote nei thei tam tak tan a fuh tawk loh avangin a siamtha a, ECI rawtna angin Ministry of Law & Justice chuan RP ACT siamthatna a pawm angin tunah chuan kum khat chhunga qualifying date pakhat (1) chauh ni thin chu qualifying date pali (4) a awm tawh dawn a ni. Qualifying date 1st January a kum tling hman lo tan qualifying date dang 1st April, 1st July leh 1st October-ah te vote neih theihna hun a neih phah dawn a. Hei hian inthlanna a lo awm hma deuh chiaha kumtling hman si, vote neih hman tak loh avanga harsatna te a ti bo dawn a. Kum 17 tling tawh chuan kum 18 a tlin hmaiin vote neih dilna a lo thehlut lawk theih tawh dawn a ni.


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