CM hovin Council of Minister thutkhawm neih a ni

Nimin khan Chief Minister Zoramthanga hovin CM Cabinet Meeting Room-ah Council of Minister te chu sawrkar department hrang hrang atanga thu pawimawh lutte ngaihtuahin an thukhawm.

He thutkhawm ah hian New Education Policy 2020 in a duh dan angin State University neih ve theihna tura hmalak ni se tih chu pawm a ni a, hei bakah hian Proposal for Amendment of the Mizoram State Medical Rules, 2013 te; Proposal for introduction of the Mizoram Protection of Interest of Depositors (in Financial Establishment) Rules, 2023 te; The Mizoram Goods & Services Tax (Amendment) Bills, 2023 te; Proposal for Amendment of the Mizoram Rights of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Rules, 2011 te chu pawm a ni.

Heng bakah hian The Aizawl Municipal Corporation Building (Amendment) Regulation te; Draft of the Mizoram Municipalities (Amendment) Bill, 2023 te; The Mizoram Consumer Protection (State Council & District Council) Rules, 2023 te; Proposal for establishment of Directorate of Nursing te; Proposal for implementation of the Pharmacy Practice regulations, 2015 te; Draft Rules of Zoram Medical College te; A proposal for shifting from subjective evaluation in personal interviews to written exam to assess Mizo language proficiency as a qualifying criterion for entry into Government Service te; Restructuring of Mizoram Health Services and Grievances of the Mizoram Government Doctor Association leh Draft of the Mizoram telecom Infrastructure (Amendment) Policy, 2023 te chu pawm a ni.

Nimin thutkhawm a chhawpchhuah te zingah hian Implementation of Reports and recommendations of the Sstudy Group on CSS Employees pawh a tel a ni.


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