MNF-Mizo Hnam suihkhawmna atana din niin sawi

Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan MNF chu Pathian in Mizo hnam te min suihkhawmna atana din niin a sawi.

Nimin a Aizawl Mizo Hnam Run Chhung Inkhawm-a thu a sawina ah Robert Romawia Royte chuan MNF chu Pathian in Mizo hnam te min suihkhawmna atan a din a nih thu leh tun hma leh Cawiin thleng hian a nep ngailo tih a sawi a. “Tunhma chuan Mizo tlangval MNF a awm lo kha chu thil zahthlak a ni zawk a mah a ni. Hun lokal zelin tunah phei chuan inthlanna hrang hrangah thuneihna neiin Pathian malsawmna tawngbaw thei khawpin kan hotute an taima a, an thawhrimna te kan zah em em a ni,” a ti.

MNF chhuahsan chu zuihralna nia sawi bawkin MNF Adviser Robert Romawia Royte chuan, “Kan hotute sawichhia a ziak meuh a chhuahtute hi an lainatawm em em a, hetiang mi Hnam movement phatsantute hi khawvel in mi ropuiah ah a ngai ngailo a ni,” a ti a. “MNF hi asan poh leh min chhemtu thli hi a na zel dawn a  mahse, Pathian hminglam chunga din party hi a danglam dawn lo a, Idealogy leh Issue base-a din a ni ve lo a ni,” a ti bawk.


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